“I can’t overemphasize the importance of a good board made up of trusted outsiders. As a family-owned company, we treasure our advisory board for the valuable perspective and candid feedback they offer us. Their wisdom helps keep our organization moving in the right direction. Let Game-Changing Advisory Boards be your guidebook to one of the most important components of a privately owned business.”
Ken Blanchard
Co-author of The One Minute Manager® and Great Leaders Grow

“Effective corporate leaders know how to work with their boards to build long-term value. This book shows owners of privately held companies how to create and manage and a board to help their company become highly successful. It is easy to read and ready to use.”
Lee Iacocca
Former Chairman of Chrysler Corporation

“I invite you to explore the pages of Bill and John’s book. They cover just about everything you need to know about a professional advisory board and how to maximize the experience.”
Rafael Pastor
Former Chairman and CEO of Vistage International

“Want to serve on a board?” Then this is the book for you. A superb guide to why we need wise outside leadership on business boards today more than ever. Bill and John, with their years of board experience, make a great team for bringing this wisdom to the world.”
Richard Leider
Bestselling author of The Power of Purpose and Repacking Your Bags

“Every business owner should read this book. It recognizes that our economy and communities are built on private enterprise by the business builders who lead them. This is an invaluable tool for moving a company forward with strategic wisdom from trusted, engaged advisors.”
Betsy Sanders
Former director of many public companies, including WalMart, Wellpoint, Chairman of Carl’s Jr., Author of Fabled Service

“We believe in advisory boards. Their wisdom and guidance helped Panda grow from 15 to 1,500 restaurants without losing our way. This book is a clear, easy-to-use guide for creating an impactful board and getting the most value from this priceless resource.”
Andrew Cherng
Chairman, Panda Express

“Every business owner should read this book. I have served on several advisory boards with the authors. The processes they describe work. Their concept of Sustainable Value and the disciplines needed to deliver it are grounded in the real world of building strong companies.”
Phil Matthews
Chairman of Zodiac Marine and Pool, a Carlyle company
Former Chairman of Wolverine Worldwide and Bell Helmets

“This is the best book I have seen on advisory boards. Game-Changing Advisory Boards is packed with processes and lessons learned in the practice of private company governance. The Value Wheel concept should shape every board meeting agenda.”
M. Christian Mitchell
President and Chairman of the Southern California Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors

“This book should be in every CEO’s library! We created our advisory board over 20 years ago and that decision generated one of the most powerful catalytic effects for the growth of our firm. The concepts in this book took us to another level.”
Mike Kiley
CEO & Founder, Chamberlain Group

“Bill and John make the case for Advisory Boards. This is a must read for anyone serious about getting their business to the next level! A group of outsiders who can bring creativity, challenge, accountability and insights to a growing enterprise is invaluable.”
Richard Carr
Former CEO and Vice Chairman of Vistage International

“This is a superb roadmap for private companies to get the benefits and rewards from outside trusted advisors. This book tells owners and leaders how to raise the bar and get the benefit of perspective, clarity and focus. Having been on both sides of many Boards, this is a must read.”
Rick Flatow
Consultant, Advisor, Director & former CEO of public and private companies

“This book is a must read for every business owner who wants to take their business to new levels. The authors bring a lifetime of experience to a critical topic.”
John Izzo, Ph.D.
Author of Stepping Up and Awakening Corporate Soul

“Congratulations on putting this great work together. It is an excellent resource for private business owners. It gives them the “how-to” along with the theory for effectively setting up and using an Advisory Board to help add value to their business. At Ontic, our advisory board helped transition business leadership from the owners to the new CEO, and create a clear objective to triple the value of the business. Three year later, we realized that value in the sale of the company.”
Jim Gerwein
CEO, Extant Components Group

“Getting the right people for your board is key. By following the ideas provided by Bill and John, you will be able to fulfill your vision by selecting the best board members. With a strong board and a great team, you can hit it out of the park!”
Dana Browoka
CEO, Lighthouse Consulting Services

“Game Changing is the right title! The tested board practices in this book change companies and the way they are managed. I have seen how they help owners, boards and their teams make better decisions and build long-term, sustainable value. This is excellent advice from two men who have played the game from the corner office and the board room.”
Peter Alexander
CEO and Board member of BMC, Boise, ID

“Leveraging the wisdom of a small set of an experienced and trusted set of advisors can be the secret sauce that separates winners and losers in entrepreneurial pursuits. In Game-Changing Advisory Boards, Hawfield and Zaepfel have captured the essential ingredients of sustainable value creation. They provide strong evidence that a carefully selected advisory board that is strategic, connected, and knowledgeable can be the powerful inner circle that focuses the meanderings of an often too lonely entrepreneur. Should the owner listen to those sages that he or she now holds close, the venture can become a more fruitful and rewarding experience.”
Alfred E. Osborne, Jr., Ph. D.
Senior Associate Dean and Professor of Global Economics and Management
Faculty Director, Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Game-Changing Advisory Boards offers a prescription for success to privately held entrepreneurial companies. Over the past two decades, a number of my Vistage members have also created a professional advisory board—the results have been synergistic and successful.”
Pete Lakey
Master Chair, Vistage International, Advisory board member

“I highly recommend this book to all owners and CEO’s of privately held companies. I have personally served with Bill on four advisory boards and each one has contributed to extraordinary growth in sustainable value. Join a long list of successful companies.”
Michael Laney
Board member and Executive Coach, former Chairman of NACD, Portland, OR

“Owner-operators of mid-sized companies need real help in accessing outside expertise to continue to grow their businesses. Hawfield and Zaepfel have synthesized their rich and deep professional experience and translated it into a book that makes it very practical for their audience to succeed. This will work. The real challenge is for the owner-operator is to not only buy this book and actually read it but to commit to doing the work to turn this from idea to everyday reality inside their business. If they do, the benefits will be not just for the business, but for the owner and her or his family as well.”
Lawrence King, Ph.D.
Vistage Speaker and Vistage, Chair Emeritus

“Bill and John are the Masters! An effective board catalyzes an entirely higher level of strategic thinking, leadership, and aptitude development of the senior management team. Applying the ideas in this book will accelerate building your personal wealth and transferable value in your business.”
Brian Stone
CEO StoneAmerican Partners, Board member

“A game-changing advisory board moved my business from merely successful to a highly dynamic, highly profitable, energetically relevant, middle market business. By establishing an advisory board, now a statutory board, and integrating some of the disciplines outlined in Game-Changing Advisory Boards, our company has experienced an upswing in function, efficiency and morale. Communication, strategic planning and operating goals are intentionally valued and discussed by trusted advisors, experienced CEOs, who have a broader perspective than I could ever have alone. I cannot thank John Zaepfel and Keith Swayne enough for their support, advisement and calm, steady push for best practices success!”
Ted Ballou
CEO, Mitchell Rubber Products, Inc.

Game-Changing Advisory Boards offers a substantial competitive advantage. It shows you how to build your personal brain trust of outside advisors. In the information age, whoever has the most knowledge wins. Use these concepts to make your business a winner!”
Mark R. Edwards, Ph.D.
Professor, Strategic Entrepreneurship, Arizona State University and co-author of the business best-seller 360° Feedback

Game-Changing Advisory Boards, not only spells out the why, but it educates, those willing, on how to do it right from selecting a board to getting the most out of your investment of time and $$. Doing it right can be the difference between failure and great success and as hard as it is for CEOs to ask for help, that might just be their defining moment.”
Mark Filanc
Chairman and CEO, Filanc Construction

“John Zaepfel has provided tremendous insight to our company as a member of our Advisory Board for years. It is a fantastic that he and Bill Hawfield are now sharing their game-changing approach through this fascinating new book. I highly recommend it to any medium-size organization looking to develop sustainable, profitable business growth for the future.”
Thomas Silber
President and CEO, BIVAR, Inc.


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