The Book

You will find the ideas and stories from owners of privately-held companies who used PABoards to prepare their companies for sale. You built your business. Your company has succeeded despite constant challenges from competitive attacks, government involvement, market declines and rising costs. You take big risks every day to survive and build long-term value. The families of those who work with you, your customers and vendors all rely on your company’s success.

What keeps you awake at night? Negative cash flow? People problems? Partners or family? Customer problems? An expensive opportunity? Selling or keeping your business?

If you make good decisions, create game-changing strategies and take timely actions, you could thrive and build sustainable value. If you make poor decisions, you could pay a hefty price or even lose everything.

What if you had a council of wise, successful, independent business people who know you and your business well and are fully committed to your success? Imagine how their wisdom could help you make consistently excellent decisions, manage execution, and leverage your strengths to succeed.

That wise council is available to you. It is a professional advisory board (PABoard). This book defines the professional advisory board process. The authors have used the process in nearly 90 companies with combined revenues of over $5 Billion. You will learn how to create a PABoard to attain the business and personal outcomes you want.

Collectively, they received over $1.1 billion when they sold. You will also read about owners who are using PABoards today to professionalize their business and build greater sustainable value for future generations.

Who should read this book?

This book speaks first to owners of privately-held companies who are ready to focus on building sustainable value for themselves and their employees. They are willing to make changes to professionalize the business game they are playing.

Board members, CEOs, and senior management will find processes and structures to help them govern their companies. If they use the models, the checklists, and the underlying philosophies, they will gain a common language and build their own game-changing process.

Accountants and attorneys who service privately-owned companies will find ideas that support and deliver maximum net value.

Investment bankers will see what owners have done to prepare for an exit. Owners will learn how the PABoard process can make their work more productive as they guide owners to the highest exit value.


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